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Saturday, October 04, 2003
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To all who have sent toys:

I cannot begin to tell you how exciting this has been for the past two days as the boxes of toys have started coming into my office. So far I have received about 50 boxes of just the greatest stuff, very carefully and thoughtfully selected. I humbly salute all of you for finding it within yourself to sacrifice your own personal wants to send a package of happiness to the children of Iraq.

It has been like Christmas here in October for all of us on my team who have been opening your packages as we attempt to sort the items to insure the right kids get your gifts. It is so much fun going through the boxes, evening playing with the toy dinosaurs as I had flash backs from my own childhood. I am so thrilled with the items you have sent for these kids.

I took out the first toys and school supplies to a family we visited with tonight, treasuring each smile and sparkle in the children’s eyes as I handed them the specially selected items. You are making so many great things possible here in this land of trouble. This is just so magical.

I am working on my distribution channels to a variety of destinations. I have spoken with a few doctors who are hooking me up with the children’s hospitals in the country. I am also working with the people who regularly go out to about a dozen orphanages around the country to get in their loop, even planning on going out with them on their next outing with the kids next Thursday, (by the way the orphanages need kids socks and underwear for ages 3 to 18, both boys and girls). I have about a dozen schools that I will be working with also to provide things for their kids.

One of my best friends and his family have agreed to assist me in this effort by offering a warehouse facility to store the toys, which has a guard and is secured. He also has a truck at his disposal to help me move the toys from place to place.

Miracles continue to happen as people everywhere catch the vision of what this means to the children of this land, putting smiles back on their faces and the twinkle back in their eyes. You are all doing great things, greater and bigger than me or my team or anyone. You all are just the greatest and I love you for it.

God bless you all.

Thanks from Chief Wiggles, from the bottom of my heart.

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Please note. Chief Wiggles main website has moved to However, some people are not able to access that site. While we work out that problem, we will continue to provide his latest journal entries here. Please view his blog on his new site if possible

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Even amidst all that is going on, a day doesn't go by without thoughts of the 17 Iraqi generals that are still incarcerated in an EPW camp in southern Iraq. They are so desperately needed in this monumental task we have before us of rebuilding the Iraqi military. We could use them in so many different capacities; in leading, teaching, guiding, and consulting the new Iraq soldiers, as we make a serious effort to create a new way of running an army.

Day in and day out, I continue to pester whomever I come in contact with that might have a say in their release, to push the issue along. I have several US generals in my camp, also desiring their release that they might be utilized for their exceptional skills and talents.

Everyone who has had the unique opportunity of meeting with the generals has walked away with the same conviction that these men need to be released before we lose them altogether as advocates of our cause.

The following is a sample of two letters I have received from a daughter of one of the generals.

Dear Sir,

I'm the daughter of the Brigadier General XXXXX one of the Iraqi Prisoners of war, I've met you Sir in our first visit to daddy on the 13th of June 2003 at Camp in XXXXXX, I've reed your memorandum that you've presented it to Mr. President George W. Bush. Thank you Sir for all your efforts.
Daddy still in prison for more than 180 days without any cause ,I know from the families of the other BG that you are working in Baghdad ,I respectfully request from your kindness if you let me know the `E-mail of US adminsitrator Paul Bremer ,he is our leader.
I hope Sir that you will not disappoint me.

GOD Bless you.

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for all your efforts, we are grateful for you, but Sir daddy still detained and he completed his 6 month and I don't Know why he still detained despite of his cooperation with the American Forces, we've heard a lot of talk about his release, but Sir days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months and I'm afraid that months will turn to a year, when we've heard that an investigation is completed we've cheered up and we think that daddy will release, but Sir after a period of time we've heard again that other investigation has been started and all our hope went with the wind, it's more than 6 months Sir and we've started to lose the hope in his releasing, I'm so sorry Sir that I talked a lot about my problem, but Sir I'm sure you will be patient with me,we are only three sisters and we need daddy,we live alone in bad condition in an area filled with criminals .I pray Sir for your safety and I'm asking GOD to protect you .

GOD Bless you


I am sure you can all feel the sincerity of the words written on behalf of her father.

Again I petition all of you who read my words; to do all you can to help the generals get released from the prison we put them in the first day of the war. What we are doing is a real travesty to these men, who trusted our words as they read our leaflets and followed our instructions to surrender.

I have arranged for each of them to be interviewed and possibly offered jobs as contractors as soon as they are released.


When my head is up and my eyes are open, cognizant of my surroundings, it is amazing the number of opportunities that come my way, if I but have the desire to serve, doors will be opened. Today was one of those days, when I was able to carry on the tradition started down south at the POW camp, the Good Luck Genie was able to strike again. On several occasions today I was able to pass out more toys to the kids of Iraq, just in the course of my normal busy daily travels.

A young girl, about 7, came in our office with her father, who was hoping to pass along vital information to us regarding a variety of things going on in his neighborhood. As she stood in front of our office door, sheepishly hiding behind her fathers pant leg, I quickly grabbed a couple of toy items to see if I couldn't bring a smile out on her pretty face. The minute I gave her the green stuffed frog, sent to me by my buds at FedEx, she lit up like a Christmas light, smiling from one ear to the other.

As I went out to the front gate to pick up a source a man was standing there with his little boy in his arms, noticeably in anguish over the burned condition of his son. His boy's entire body was obviously burned at some time, now scared and still blistered and peeling. The boy's fingerless limbs attempted to scratch the scabs now itching.

I had my interpreter instruct the father to wait until we could return, hoping to give the boy something to feel good about, as he waited at the gate to see the doctor. The father was hoping we would be able to provide some medical care for his son, obviously not able to receive the type of care required from other facilities.

I brought back a stuffed animal, which was all I had left from the two boxes of toys I had received. But, the father and his little boy were nowhere to be seen. Disappointedly, I gave the stuffed animal to the young black guard at the gate, informing her to give the boy the gift if by chance he returns.

I was so happy to be able to help bring a small amount of joy into the lives of these children, who might otherwise grow up without having the fun some of these toys can bring.

Another great day.

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Sunday, September 28, 2003

My head is spinning from my last appointment, which lasted about 5 hours and took everything out of me. I am sure glad I am finished with meetings for the day, not sure if I would be very effective if I had to go through another debriefing right now. Some times I feel totally spent after a day of grueling debriefings, running around from place to place, and trying to do things that make a difference in this crazy mixed up place.

We are constantly being bombarded with a steady string of overwhelming problems, the weight of which seems unbearable at times. We feel like we are swimming in a sea of honey, hardly able to make any progress as we pull and push with every stroke, with every intention of moving forward along this journey but not sure if we have even moved an inch.

We are still very positive about our efforts in the overall scheme of things, knowing deep down inside that each person we touch gets us that much closer to our goal of winning the hearts and minds of these people. Fortunately, we are able to sustain a good positive attitude regardless of the roadblocks and obstacles in our way.

Actually yesterday, during one of my meetings with my favorite source, a light went on in my head, finally giving me a clear understanding of what is needed. What these people need more than anything else is jobs, incomes, and industries that create all of this. We need the people of Iraq to start thinking about opportunities that have can now become a reality with the removal of Saddam.

Creating new industries for this country will give them the chance to opt out of the weapons business and get into something with more of a future, that is legal and provides more of a steady income, with perhaps benefits. Think of that.

With the control that has been placed upon them by their illustrious leader, most of these people have closed down their minds and left their blinders on for the last 30 years. The first thing that needs to be opened is their minds, allowing for free flowing thoughts and ideas of ways to make improvements in their own country.

One of the main problems here is that the bad guys are all involved in doing illegal acts that are reaping them great sums of money to finance their operations and recruiting efforts. It is estimated that on the pipeline alone we are losing millions of dollars through theft that is going into the funding of anti-coalition operations. The bad guys have always been well organized and well funded, offering your every day citizen, who is struggling to feed his family, a way to make additional money by firing a shot or planting a bomb.
Our problem has been that we don¡¯t have money to pay the good guys to run operations against the bad guys, or ways of providing resources for teams to go out and take down an opposing group, or to turn in a weapons cache, or to identify who the terrorists are. We have a rewards program but it is cumbersome and time consuming, not offering immediate compensation for good actions that save lives.

Almost all of our sources have been in need of something, a job, a reward, a phone, or a variety of other resources, which we have none to give them. They want to do good things for their country but have not been able to sustain themselves with out some form of compensation. They all have to take care of their families first, making sure their children have food to eat and clothes to wear.

So the best possible thing I could do is to help my sources start up their own businesses that will create jobs and incomes for their team members. We have the ministries and other resources available to assist and teach them how to do it. We can even provide small business loans and other financial aid to help them start up new industries, now opportunities and an escape from the temptation to get involved in illegal activities.

This approach actually helps kill several birds with one stone. First it helps provide jobs and income for their team members. Secondly it helps them fund their operations against the bad guys. Thirdly, it creates economies in this country, alternatives to the industries that we are presently dealing with. Fourthly, it begins to strengthen the Iraqi economy providing goods and services that can be exported to other countries, becoming part of the international community.

I have already started trying to make this work with two of my sources that I feel have the capabilities, the skills and the knowledge to make it happen. I am invigorated by the vision of what this could do for this country, full of ideas of ways to make this come about. The possibilities are endless and the upside so great, if we can just get over the hurdles that I am sure will come up in the course of guiding them along this way.

And of course I will be able to gather more and more intelligence, as they are able to fund their efforts to gather it.

I am so excited about this. This is just awesome giving us just one more idea for a way to provide a solution to these people.


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